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Redesign Intranet Site

Redesigning company's Intranet website which is an internal site used by more than 20,000 employees to enables everyone access essential company resources.

Service Desk

Redesigning Service Desk website which is the internal site to request assistance, report an issue with internal tools and systems, and provide knowledge articles and help guide for self-service.


Meeting Personas

Our company wanted to introduce WebEx and understand the different types of people who are joining meetings. We created four different types of personas to help teams understand the users and their different needs.

Data Visualization Design Guide

Created a data visualization design guide with the UX team to provide advice for anyone at the company who builds charts and dashboards. This guide was created to help with specific company needs when staff members are starting from scratch, evaluating the effectiveness of something already built, or at any time in between.


Reading to Kids App

Designed an app to increase community involvement and participation in the Reading to Kids by making it easier to find info and sign up to volunteer. Reading to Kids is a grassroots organization dedicated to inspiring underserved children with a love of reading, thereby enriching their lives and opportunities for future success.

Tuka Music Platform

Tuka seeks to unify creative formats through one platform in order to maximize the network value that users create. For this project we focused on music aspect of Tuka to create a MVP which is a digital music platform for sharing and marketing creative content.


UX Community Event

Presenting about variety of UX techniques, best practices, UX principles, case studies, examples, and resources during quarterly sessions UX community.

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