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UX@Amgen Community


Presenting about variety of UX techniques, best practices, UX principles, case studies, examples, and resources during quarterly sessions UX@Amgen community.



Maryam Habibi, Samson Toor


Educate Amgen staff members across major sites (e.g. Thousand Oaks, Tampa, Europe, etc.) and different functions on key UX practices to maximize UX influence and be more human-centered at Amgen.

My Role

Led the sessions, Created the content, Presented during the session, Facilitated the activity

Project Focus

Presenting during quarterly Sessions with different UX topics

My Responsibilities

  • Organized and schedule the events in person and virtually

  • Created presentation content on different UX topics

  • Led the sessions by presenting and explaining different aspects of the topic

  • Facilitated different activities related to the topic during the sessions 


Jan 2020 - Ongoing project


  • Educate fellow staff members to enhance their skills

  • Maximize UX influence and increase awareness around human-centered design

  • Provide resources to advance others' collective engagements around UX topics

  • Accelerate end-user involvement and engagement by providing the impact on the final product

  • Foster a culture at Amgen where users are at the center of every project

  • Motivate employees by sharing internal case studies


Miro, Optimal Workshop

Usability Review

Usability Review

I presented about the Usability Review technique to identify usability issues and how to use this research technique to improve designs and be more Human-Centered. During the session we shared an internal case study to highlight the impact of involving users on final product.

Design Principles

Applying design principles to your product

I introduced the core Visual design principles and how to apply them to your product to create more well-rounded visuals for a better user experience. I included activity at the end where participants can use their learning from the session and comment in chat about the areas of improvement for the example provided on the screen.


Topics that we covered during our UX@Amgen community sessions: 

  • Usability Review

  • Applying design principles to your product

  • Basics of dashboard and data visualization design

  • The UX of color in UI Design

  • Information Architecture

  • C&C Analysis

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