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My Service Desk Redesign


Redesigning Amgen Service Desk website which is the internal site to request assistance, report an issue with internal tools and systems, and provide knowledge articles and help guide for self-service.


My Role

Led User Research, Planned and Facilitated Design Reviews, Synthesized User Insights, Overhauled Design, Conducted Card sorting


Maryam Habibi (Amgen UX Lead), My Service Desk Product Team, External UX/UI Designers

The Challenge

  • The current site is confusing and hard for employees to find knowledge articles and use the site as self-service

  • The amount of Service Desk calls are very costly for Amgen

  • the knowledge articles are not in simple language for everyone to understand and follow 

Project Focus

Redesigning My Service Desk

The Outcome

This is an ongoing project and the new site hasn't launched yet, however, my engagement with the My Service Desk team was critical to build a strong structure and information architecture for the site. This can reduce help desk calls significantly by allowing Amgen employees to leverage self-service and find knowledge articles and guides easier. 


Jan 2021 - Ongoing project


Miro, Optimal Workshop, Adobe XD

My Responsibilities

  • Coordinated and led usability reviews with 8 users to provide feedback and recommendations to the team

  • Enhanced the Information Architecture of the site by conducting a card sorting activity with 46 users

  • Designed concepts to provide the team with potential solutions

  • Consulted with the external UI designer to improve the interface design based on user needs

Usability Review

Task-Based Usability Review

Conducted Usability Review with 8 people from new conceptual wireframes for My Service Desk 


  • Home page (Manager Approvals, Ticket status)

  • Service requests

  • Self-service including browsing and filtering

  • Getting Help (chatbot, calling, entering a ticket, and remote support connection)

  • System Status


Plan, conduct, analyze, and readout from April 12 to May 4th


  • A pool of 14 - 16 volunteers

  • 7-9 sessions

  • Variety of locations including US, Europe, etc.

  • Range of technical ability with most participants being less technically savvy (Non IS)

  • Representation from major functional areas (e.g. GCO-sales rep, Supply chain, R&D, and manufacturing)

  • 1-2 participants who are manager and administrative coordinator

  • Several participants who are newer Amgen staff members

  • People who have not participated in Service Desk redesign activities to date

  • Mix of people who use Service Desk frequently/infrequently   

My Role

  • Independently facilitated 4 of 8 concept review sessions and participated in the rest of the sessions as a note taker

  • Analyzed user feedback and identified themes and patterns

  • Presented the findings with project team members

  • Advanced the new wireframe designs of My Service Desk by providing recommendations based on user feedback from the usability review   

Top Findings

Card Sorting

Card Sorting Activity

Conducted hybrid card sorting activity online with 46 randomly selected participants to improve site navigation and better categorize information in MyService Desk. The study included 44 cards (top service desk issue topics) to sort in the 11 categories or create their own category


Here is the analysis view of the card sorting result.



Based on the analysis from Optimal Workshop, we categorized the card into bellow categories. These categories are reflected in the current design work as categories for knowledge articles and services that can help users with better findability and self-service.

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